water heaters

Searching for the right company to install your water heater can be a little overwhelming. Rest assured you’ve come to the right place. With nearly 30 years of installation experience, there’s simply no better choice than Crew2.


Our Customer Service Representatives are trained to find the right water heater for you, provide you with a project estimate and schedule your installation. In order to better serve you during your FREE phone consultation, you'll be asked to verify the following:

• Description of issues you are experiencing
• Type of fuel source you have (gas, electric, liquid propane)
• Location of the system
• Number of bedrooms and bathrooms you have and/or family members in the household
• Age and dimensions of your current water heater
• Confirm that you are the homeowner and over 18 years of age

Ask about our same-day installations, available in most areas when you schedule before 12:00pm.


Your Crew2 Customer Service Representative will provide you with an estimate for the total cost of your job. If any additional work is required to comply with local permit and building inspection codes, the plumber will quote those items on-site. Because site conditions vary, the estimate provided during the initial phone consultation may vary from the final price quoted by the plumber.

When our plumbing contractor arrives at your home, he will perform a site inspection and advise you of the permit codes and any additional items that are required to bring the installation up to code. If for any reason you decide against having the work done, you have a no-obligation guarantee from The Home Depot and have the right to cancel without any cost to you.

Upon completion of the site inspection, the plumbing contractor will present you with an installation contract that includes the full cost for the work being permormed. He will then collect payment in full prior to the installation (except where prohibited by law).



How do I prepare for this phase?

As the installation begins, you may help speed the process by doing the following:

• Ensure the homeowner, or an adult over the age of 18 with the authority to make decisions, is available at the installation site during the scheduled appointment time
• Be accessible by phone should the provider need to reach out with information regarding your appointment
• Clear any obstructions so that the installers can easily access the existing equipment
• Provide access to other parts of your home (attic, basement, utility closet, meters, etc.) for the installer throughout their site inspection
• Know you may be without water during the time of the install. However, this should not take more than 1-2 hours for a traditional tank installation. (Note: Tankless water heater installations will take longer)

What to expect from The Home Depot in this phase?

Our water heater installation professional will:

• Deliver your new hot water heater to your home
• Arrive with your product in hand and display a Home Depot Home Services badge when they greet you
• Inspect your existing unit and discuss any work required to bring your new hot water heater up to local building codes in order to ensure your safety
• Connect your new water heater to the existing gas, electric, and water lines
• Fill and test the water heater to make sure it works properly
• Dispose of your old hot water heater at no additional cost to you



How do I prepare for this phase?

In many regions, the homeowner is responsible for arranging an inspection of the installation upon completion. If for any reason it does not pass, we will come back and make any required adjustments.
Please refer to the product warranty and maintenance information provided by the installer
What to expect from The Home Depot in this phase?
Upon completion of the installation, our water heater professionals will:

• Provide your installation agreement paperwork detailing the elements of the job (Some installers may email this paperwork)
• Provide instructions on the permitting process (if applicable)
• Conduct a final inspection of the installation
• Clean up the jobsite
• Review proper care and maintenance of your new system
• Explain all product and service warranties to ensure you are fully satisfied
In the coming days, you may be receiving a survey call which is an opportunity to rate your installation experience with us.


In the days following your installation, you may receive a survey from The Home Depot. It is an opportunity to rate your installation experience with us. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling Extremely Satisfied and we hope you will rate our installation team as such.