Call it the best of both worlds. The partnership between your Home Depot Kitchen Designer and your Crew2 Installation Professionals ensures a seamless approach to kitchen remodeling.

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All work exceeded expectations. As in any project there were a few "glitches" but these were small compared to the pleasant surprises and extra attention from the highly qualified team. It has the look and feel of a more expensive project!

Charles was very satisfied!
We are really pleased with the end result of our kitchen remodel. Everyone who sees our new kitchen is amazed at how much bigger the rooms look and how much brighter… We recommend you whenever our friends ask who did our kitchen.

Diana was very satisfied!
I love the work that you did… My kitchen looked like a different place… I had absolutely nothing to do after they left, except enjoy my kitchen… You have made this a very pleasant experience and that is a first for me! Thank you Crew2!

Frances was very satisfied!
It's better than we thought and the installer was top notch. Beautiful work in such little time, took three days! Such a difference in our kitchen only wish we would have done it sooner! 

Riley was very satisfied!
Extremely satisfied.

This team was very professional, worked smoothly together going from on step to the next. Great job!

John was very satisfied!
Thank you so much for your help on this project. We do love the final product. We would be remiss if we didn't also thank you for keeping us sane, running interference & being a problem solver extraordinaire!

Beth and Chris were very satisfied!