Preparing For Installation


Ensure a smooth installation process by doing the following:

• Be sure the homeowner, or an adult over the age of 18 with the authority to make decisions is available at the installation site during the scheduled appointment time

• Be accessible by phone should the provider need to reach out with information regarding your appointment

• Clear any obstructions so that the installers can easily access  the existing equipment

• Provide access  to other parts of your home (attic, basement, utility closet, meters, etc.) for the installer throughout their site inspection

• Expect that you may be without water during the time of the install. However, this should not take more than 1-2 hours for a traditional tank installation. (Note: Tankless water heater installations will take longer)


Our water heater installation professional will:

• Deliver your new hot water heater to your home 

• Arrive with your product in hand and display a Home Depot Home Services badge when they greet you

• Inspect your existing unit and discuss any work required to bring your new hot water heater up to local building codes

• Connect your new water heater to the existing gas, electric, and water lines (Some municipalities require electrical connections be done by a licensed electrician. If that is the case in your area, the plumber will let you know)

• Fill and test the water heater to make sure it works properly

• Dispose of your old hot water heater at no additional cost to you

After Installation

In the days following your installation, you may receive a survey from The Home Depot. It is an opportunity to rate your installation experience with us. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling Extremely Satisfied and we hope you will rate our installation team as such.