Preparing For Installation

prepare for your door installation

When your doors are available for installation, you will be contacted by our licensed installer to schedule a convenient time for the install to begin. A smooth installation begins by understanding what to expect from our installation team.


The installer will deliver the materials to your home and will then:

•Show you their Home Depot identification badge. Only those installers who have passed a thorough background check and meet our high standards have earned the right to work on behalf of Crew2 and The Home Depot

•Introduce the crew so you will know the people working in your home

•Walk the jobsite and review installation details with you prior to starting the work

•Re-measure existing opening and new door to ensure proper fit

•Bring everything needed to install your doors

•Answer any questions you might have

•Remove existing doors and all related hardware as applicable

•Clean the job site and remove all project-related debris. If you added the haul-away option to your order, the installer will remove your previous doors

•Inspect the installation with you and go through the operating instructions, including any warranty information 


Before installation begins, please help our installers by:

•The homeowner, or an adult over the age of 18 with the authority to make decisions, is present during the installation

•Electricity is accessible to the area

•You are prepared for noise during the installation

•Door hardware (hinges and locksets) is provided if purchased separately

•The working area should be free of all furniture, plants, blinds, etc

•New interior trim should be on site at the time of installation. Please finish any unfinished trim at least 24 hours prior to the installation

•Children and pets should be away from the work area

After Installation

In the days following your installation, you may receive a survey from The Home Depot. It is an opportunity to rate your installation experience with us. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling Extremely Satisfied and we hope you will rate our installation team as such.