Preparing For Installation

preparE for your countertop install

Once your countertops have been fabricated, we'll call you to set up the installation appointment.  The installation process will take an average of 1-3 days to complete and depending on the material and size, we will provide 2-4 installers to complete the install.  Please allow a 3-hour window of arrival time for appointments.

If you have elected to remove your own countertop and haul it away, it is recommended that this step is completed the day before the actual installation and after the installer notifies you that the countertops are ready for install. 

Since the project could last more that one day, we ensure that upon leaving each day we clean up the work area and make sure any tools, product or supplies are stored on our fabricators vehicle.


During your installation:

•Fabricators will bring all necessary equipment

•We will remove existing countertop and disconnect plumbing (if service was included)

•Any plumbing reconnections that you have arranged through The Home Depot will be completed the day after the countertop installation

•Anticipate noise and dust as some cutting may be required on site.  You may also smell fumes from materials used inside the home

If your installation includes a full-height backsplash, the backsplash is often measured after the countertop installation and installed approximately one week later.


To prepare for the Installation:   

•Disconnect plumbing, gas, and/or electrical connections prior to your countertop installation (if you have not elected for The Home Depot to complete this)

•Disconnect faucets and/or disposals and put them away for safe-keeping, if you would like to re-use them later

•Provide water/electrical accessibility to the fabricator

•Remove drawers and items from base cabinets.  Also cover the bottom of your cabinets

•A faucet extension kit may be needed to hook up faucets for stone tops 

•Cover living areas or doors to living areas to contain dust & remove all base cabinet contents.  If needed, plastic sheets are available in the paint department

•Provide access, power, and, if applicable, climate control at the installation

•Shut off water during the installation and prior to the reconnect of the plumbing

•Ensure children and pets are safely away from the workspace

•A basket strainer; purchased separately, maybe necessary for plumbing to be re-connected

If permits are required, anticipate a possible delay. The permitting process, if necessary, depends on the local municipality; however, our fabricators will do their best to minimize downtime.

After Installation

In the days following your installation, you may receive a survey from The Home Depot. It is an opportunity to rate your installation experience with us. Our goal is to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling Extremely Satisfied and we hope you will rate our installation team as such.